NECL Junior Organiser

NECL Junior Organiser

As many of you know I’ve recently taken on the role of Junior Organiser for the NECL. This is an undefined role but for now let me offer three ways this may help the league.

• Any potential junior player or parent can use me as a natural point of contact.

• At Chelmsford I’ve been happy to spend time playing with or coaching junior players so where practical can offer similar assistance at other clubs.

• Can offer some help to Jeremy Hadcock at CRGS. KEGS in Chelmsford has a thriving chess club I am in contact with so this may prove a useful source of future players for the league.

One immediate benefit is that there is now a Junior Organiser listed at which looks much better than “vacant”. I’ve found working on chess with juniors stimulating and entertaining so feel free to take advantage of having the role filled.

Robin Slade
Chelmsford Chess Club

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