2017 Peter Keffler Shield Update

The annual 8 round Swiss competition will run from 6th May to 27th June 2017.
Two Rapid play games per night through June with a time control of 40mins per player.
A maximum of 2 half point byes may be awarded to absent players.
A full point bye will be given to non-paired players and count as a played game.
If leaders are tied, a winner will be decided by the results of direct encounters.
If that does not provide a winner the trophy will be shared.
From this season, results from the shield no longer count towards the club ladder.
The outright winner will be awarded the Peter Keffler Shield and be “Club Champion”.
An Improver shield will be awarded for the best player performance relative to grade.
Players need 6 played games to qualify. No player can win both trophies.
Follow progress here.

2016 Peter Keffler Shield Update

This is an 8 round Swiss competition held from 17th May to 14th June (excl. 7th Jun).
Two Rapid play games per night, with a time control of 40mins per player.
A maximum of 4 half point byes may be given to absent players.
A full point bye will be given to non-paired players and count as a played game.
5 played games are needed to qualify.

The outright winner will be awarded the Peter Keffler  Shield and be “Club Champion”.
Another shield will be awarded to the best improver, based on performance in excess of grade during the competition. No player can win both trophies.

Competition results  will also count towards the club ladder (ends 28th June).
Eight games throughout the season are needed in the ladder to qualify.
The ladder winner is awarded the Bullwinkle trophy board.

Updated 14/06/2016 after round 8

Championship Leader-board (game points with cross table)

# Name Points R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
1 Martin Alvin 6.5 +W7 +B9 +W4 -B3 +W10 =W2 +B5 +W8
2 Robert Stephens 6.5 =BYE =BYE +W12 +B7 +W3 =B1 +W6 +B5
3 Andrew Salmon 6.5 +B15 +W8 +B5 +W1 -B2 +W4 +B12 =W9
4 Melvin Steele 5 +B18 +W10 -B1 =W5 =B17 -B3 +W7 +W12
5 John Lambert 4.5   +W6 +B12 -W3 =B4 +W9 +B10 -W1 -W2
6 Paul McCarthy 4.5 -B5 +B11 +W9 -W10 +B18 =W12 -B2 +BYE
7 Mike Coughtrey 4 -B1 +W14 +B13 -W2 =BYE =BYE -B4 +W19
8 Marek Ciorga 4 +W16 -B3 =BYE =BYE =BYE =BYE +W14 -B1
9 Nigel Lake 4 +B14 -W1 -B6 +W13 -B5 =W18 +BYE =B3
10 Warwick Estlea 4 +W19 -B4 +W16 +B6 -B1 -W5 =BYE =BYE
11 Andrew Todd 4 -B12 -W6 -B14 +W19 +B13 +W17 =BYE =BYE
12 Denis Brown 3.5 +W11 -W5 -B2 +B16 +W15 =B6 -W3 -B4
13 John Rowe 3.5 =BYE =BYE -W7 -B9 -W11 =B19 +B18 +W14
14 Alex O’Brien 3 -W9 -B7 +W11 +W15 =BYE =BYE -B8 -B13
15 John White 3 -W3 -B16 +W19 -B14 -B12 +BYE =BYE =BYE
16 Richard O’Brien 3 -B8 +W15 -B10 -W12 =BYE =BYE -B19 +W18
17 Danny Hardman 2.5 =BYE =BYE =BYE =BYE =W4 -B11
18 Dennis McCarthy 2.5 -W4 +B19 =BYE =BYE -W6 =B9 -W13 -B16
19 Haydn Hughes 2.5 -B10 -W18 -B15 -B11 +BYE =W13 +W16 -B7

Improver Leader-board (performance over grade)

Points Name Grade Perf Perf-Grade
6.5 Robert Stephens 141 160 19
4.5 Paul McCarthy 80 99 19
3.5 Denis Brown 75 93 18
3 Alex O’Brien 60 74 14
6.5 Martin Alvin 135 147 12
3.5 John Rowe 65 71 6
2.5 Haydn Hughes 45 51 6
6.5 Andrew Salmon 145 150 5
4 Mike Coughtrey 89 93 4
4 Warwick Estlea 96 98 2
4 Marek Ciorga 100 100 0
3 Richard O’Brien 65 65 0
4.5 John Lambert 124 120 -4
5 Melvin Steele 126 120 -6
4 Nigel Lake 97 91 -6
2.5 Danny Hardman 100 88 -12
4 Andrew Todd 100 73 -27
2.5 Dennis McCarthy 85 55 -30
3 John White 90 46 -44

2015 Peter Keffler Shield Update

Updated 16/06/2015

This season’s 9 round Swiss is being held from 19th May to 16th June.
As last season, this is no longer handicapped and the award of the shield will again be based on performance in excess of grade. Time controls are 40 minutes per player.
A ½ point bye  may be given to absent players, to a maximum of 5.
A full point bye will be given to non-paired players and count as a played game.
5 played games are needed to qualify.

Game points after round 9

# Name Points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Andrew Salmon 7.0 +B6 -W4 +B2 =W7 +B3 =W5 +B9 +W8 +W10
2 Warwick Estlea 7.0 -B3 +W11 -W1 +B18 +W12 +B7 +B4 +W5 +W6
3 Martin Alvin 7.0 +W2 =B10 =W5 +B12 -W1 +W4 +B6 +B20 +W7
4 Melvin Steele 6.0 +W8 +B1 +W12 +B5 +W7 -B3 -W2 -B6 +W18
5 John Lambert 5.5 +B18 +W8 =B3 -W4 =B10 =B1 +W7 -B2 +BYE
6 Mike Coughtrey 5.0 -W1 =W7 =B9 +B11 +W8 +B10 -W3 +W4 -B2
7 Nigel Lake 4.0 +W9 =B6 +W10 =B1 -B4 -W2 -B5 +W12 -B3
8 Denis Brown 4.0 -B4 -B5 +W18 +W9 -B6 +W12 =BYE -B1 =BYE
9 Richard O’Brien 4.0 -B7 =BYE =W6 -B8 +W18 =BYE -W1 =BYE +B12
10 Andrew Todd 3.5 +B11 =W3 -B7 =BYE =W5 -W6 =BYE =BYE -B1
11 John Rowe 3.0 -W10 -B2 +BYE -W6 =BYE =BYE =BYE =BYE
12 Haydn Hughes 3.0 +BYE +W18 -B4 -W3 -B2 -B8 +W20 -B7 -W9
18 Alex O’Brien 2.0 -W5 -B12 -B8 -W2 -B9 =BYE +W19 =BYE -B4
19 Kassey Spendlove 1.5 -B18 +BYE =BYE
20 Ryan Spendlove 0.5 -B12 -W3 =BYE


Standings ordered by ‘performance minus grade’ after round 9

# Points Name Grade Perf Perf – Grade
2 7.0 Warwick Estlea 80 122 42
9 4.0 Richard O’Brien 50 67 17
6 5.0 Mike Coughtrey 92 101 9
8 4.0 Denis Brown 68 76 8
3 7.0 Martin Alvin 132 135 3
12 3.0 Haydn Hughes 45 47 2
4 6.0 Melvin Steele 118 118 0
7 4.0 Nigel Lake 99 95 -4
5 5.5 John Lambert 119 113 -6
1 7.0 Andrew Salmon 152 143 -9
19 1.5 Kassey Spendlove 30 20 -10
10 3.5 Andrew Todd 111 94 -17
11 3.0 John Rowe 65 42 -23
20 0.5 Ryan Spendlove 50 18 -32
18 2.0 Alex O’Brien 70 35 -35


2014 Peter Keffler Shield Update

Updated: 03/06/2014

This season’s 6 round swiss is not handicapped and the award of the shield will be based on performance points in excess of grade, with 3 played games needed to qualify.

Game point results after round 6

# Name Grade Points 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Andrew Salmon 152 5.5 +B9 +W4 +B2 =W3 +B5 +W6
2 John Lambert 128 4.5 +B12 +W15 -W1 +B6 +B3 =W4
3 Vincent Camilleri 140 4 =W6 +B5 +W16 =B1 -W2 +B7
4 Martin Alvin 128 4 +W8 -B1 =W6 +B12 +W10 =B2
5 Melvin Steele 127 4 +B10 -W3 +B11 +W7 -W1 +B9
6 Mike Coughtrey 95 3 =B3 +W9 =B4 -W2 +B8 -B1
7 Denis Brown 68 3 =BYE =BYE +B15 -B5 +W9 -W3
8 Warwick Estlea 80 3 -B4 +W12 -B9 +W15 -W6 +B10
9 Andrew Todd 110 2 -W1 -B6 +W8 +BYE -B7 -W5
10 Alex O’Brien 50 2 -W5 +BYE =BYE =BYE -B4 -W8
11 John Rowe 65 2 =BYE =BYE -W5 +B16
12 Nigel Lake 87 2 -W2 -B8 +BYE -W4 -B13 +W15
13 Alan Story 69 2 =BYE =BYE +W12 -B14
14 Robert Stephens 149 2 +B15 +W13
15 Richard O’Brien 50 1 +BYE -B2 -W7 -B8 -W14 -B12
16 Peter Keffler 123 1 =BYE =BYE -B3 -W11


Standings based on ‘performance – grade’ after round 6

Name Grade Perf Pef-Grade Played
John Rowe 65 105 40 2
Alan Story 69 98 29 2
Denis Brown 68 94 26 4
Mike Coughtrey 95 119 24 6
Andrew Salmon 152 166 14 6
John Lambert 128 140 12 6
Robert Stephens 149 159 10 2
Warwick Estlea 80 85 5 6
Melvin Steele 127 127 0 6
Vincent Camilleri 140 138 -2 6
Martin Alvin 128 123 -5 6
Alex O’Brien 50 37 -13 4
Richard O’Brien 50 33 -17 6
Nigel Lake 87 61 -26 6
Andrew Todd 110 74 -36 6
Peter Keffler 123 62 -61 2

See photos of Denis receiving the shield

Peter Keffler celebrates 90th birthday

Peter and his cake

It is Peter’s 90th birthday this week and members of Clacton chess club organised a birthday card and celebratory cake to mark the occasion.

Chess cake
The cake design shows a spectacular Queen sacrifice end position from one of Peter’s many victories. Of the many games published during his long chess career this one typifies his style of play, which was never dull. Rather than slog out a slight advantage, he would often find ways to trade in material for a quick mate. This game is dated ‘c1970’, where Peter played Black in a Two Knights Defence against Niemand which lasted only 15 moves! Despite the game taking place some 43 yeara ago Peter instantly recognised it. You can follow the game here:-

Gerhard Niemand - Peter Keffler
White to move
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 Bc5 5. Bxf7 Ke7 6. Bb3 Rf8 7. O-O d6 8. Nc3 Qe8 9. Nd5 Kd8 10. Nxf6 gxf6 11. Nxh7 Rh8 12. Nxf6 Qg6 13. Nd5 Bg4 14. Qe1 Bf3 15. g3 Qxg3

During the evening eveyone present had a piece of Peter’s cake with their coffee/tea.
More pictures below, showing Peter playing his game with John Perfect from Maldon (match result here):-

club room1
club room2
club room3
club room4

2013 Peter Keffler Handicap Challenge

Will be held at Clacton club on 14th May 2013 and the following 2 Tuesday evenings.
This competition known as the Peter Keffler Challenge was introduced on Peter’s 80th birthday and has been contested every year since.  All members are encouraged to participate, so please come along for a punctual 7:30pm start when the first pairings of the evening will be made.

N.B. The results of this event will be published here in the club blog pages and NOT in the table of additional member games at necl.org.uk/Clacton.
Due to the handicap nature of this event, these games do not qualify for grading.

John Lambert recently emailed out an outline structure summarised in the extract below.:-

The event will be the usual handicap with 80 minutes being split between the two players in the ratio of their Jan 2013 standard play grades, the higher graded person receiving the lesser time. All players graded below 99 will be adjudged as having a grade of 60 for this event. ( eg if Phil 160 was paired with Alan 60 then Alan would have 58mins and Phil 22mins).
There will be 6 rounds using the Swiss method of pairing. If a player is unable to attend all three days he will be able to take a maximum of two half point byes but must state these at the outset. A player attending but not paired due to an uneven number of players will receive a full one point bye.
Ties will be decided by playoff in the following week with 40 minute game(s) and times split by grade, but a 4-way tie tie will result in a random draw for semi-final/final on a knockout basis.
Players in each playoff game will toss for colours.

Pairings and Timings
John again volunteered me+laptop for this, so I’ll be using JaVaFo pairing engine, Dutch variant (see here, section C04) – or John will use paper and pencil if we get a power cut!
The table of timings is shown below.  Click on the image for a larger/clearer view.
Your clock time in minutes is found along ‘your row’ under the column corresponding to your opponents seed number. Your opponents clock time is found along ‘their row’ under the column corresponding to your number.

14/05/13  –  Ordered Cross Table after Round 2
21/05/13  –  Ordered Cross Table after Round 4
28/05/13  –  Ordered Cross Table after Round 6  –  we have a tie!
18/06/13  –  Presentation of Shield

Brentwood D dropped


Brentwood have dropped the D Team for 2012-13 season.

After the loss of several members for various reasons it was decided to trim down and reconcile the number of teams. Hopefully the new venue should bring stability to what has been a highly disruptive couple of years and along with it more new members to replace those who have moved on.

Brentwood Chess Club New Address

As of 01/09/2012 Brentwood Chess Club has moved from the Rising Sun to:

Brentwood Baptist Church, Kings Road, Brentwood, Essex. CM14 4DR. Entrance is on Kings Chase and we play upstairs, we can accommodate people who need disabled access but need advanced warning (please contact relevant captain) as there is no lift so we can make arrangements.

We still play on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.