Simon Kirby MP has now been in touch with Brighton Police who confirm that they stand by their statements that my brother Alex knifed PC Cameron in the chest to within an inch of his life with an 8inch blade. We have the full support of Brighton residents who are well aware that the police tried to take advantage of a 58 year old musician with no criminal history in order to gain hero status and promotion.
We can well understand that they would want to deny such an evil crime even though their guilt is obvious to everyone. Our concern has to be that all vulnerable residents are at risk and it is vital that safeguards are in place for their protection. In the case of Alex the police considered that as he was ill and appeared to be in poor circumstances he would be easy prey. They were unaware that his family with the help of very good friends and the backing of Brighton residents would come to his aid.
It took nearly a year to obtain a forensic report on the officers protective vest which proved a knife never went near him. No one, including the officer next to PC Cameron, witnessed Alex holding a knife, he was seen holding a small mobile phone. Our rock solid evidence forced the CPS to drop the case, however without our intervention he would be serving a life sentence.
We are asking Simon to use his position to draw attention to the need to protect and safeguard the vulnerable and for an investigation into our serious allegations against the police who acted in unison with the duty doctor and the duty solicitor. No one is above the law and there should be provision for action to be taken on behalf of the complainant as would happen in any other crime.
Because I avoided the use of the phone I am able to provide written evidence to support my statements. Although now 75 I am prepared to attend any inquiry and I have every confidence that I can conclusively prove Brighton police are guilty of trying to trap a vulnerable man. With the information provided in this website it does not take a Sherlock Holmes to reach that conclusion. Whether or not Simon can succeed we have at least named and shamed those responsible for supporting a police officer in taking advantage of a vulnerable man for personal gain.
10th August 2010




He cannot explain why the stab vest was unmarked and believes that sometimes the forensic evidence is not supportive of other evidence. (Ref: the case of the invisible knifing)


After 12 months of printing pages of false police statements the Argus finally admitted in a published statement it was all a pack of lies in order to gain hero status for PC Stewart Cameron, now Detective Constable Stewart Cameron. There was no evidence a knifing ever happened.


In the beginning......2007
PC Stewart Cameron to Alex:     "You just stabbed me with a large kitchen knife".
Alex:     "Oh no I didn't".
PC Cameron:     "Oh yes you did and I can find lots of officers to back me up".
Alex:     "Oh no they won't".
Brighton Police chorus:     "Oh yes we will".
Alex:     " I will get my big brother to sort you lot out".
Police:     " Oh no you won't, anyway how old is he?".
Alex:     "He's 72, an eastender who survived the blitz.
Police:     "Ho! ho! ho! stop scaring us. You will get life imprisonment".

Big brother Michael arrives to find his brother locked up and denied urgent medication.

Michael:     "What's all this about then?"
Police:     "Don't worry the good news is the defence solicitors from next door will defend him".
Michael:     "Well that's a relief, what's the bad news?"
Police:     "They will say he's guilty as well".
Michael:     "I'll change to a solicitor that believes in him".
Police:     "There's gratitude, you're stuck with them now".
Michael:     "I still don't believe it".
Police:     " Then you should read the Brighton Argus where you will find pages of this story with full page photo's of our hero PC Cameron and his bravery award".
Michael:     "I still don't believe it".
Police:     "Its all true, they've nominated him for an Argus Achievement of the Year Award".
Michael:     "Enough of this nonsense, if he was stabbed through his stab vest to within an inch of his life then I want the vest examined".
Police:     "Ho! ho! ho! we can't allow that".
Michael:     "I'll tell the CPS".
Police:     " That won't do any good they have put us in charge of the vest".
Michael:     "I'll tell the Sussex Police Authority".
Police:     "No chance Dinah Longden will block your letters".
Michael:     "Des Turner MP will have a word with Commander Bartlett".
Police:     "You are wasting your time the Commander supports us".



SOLVE THIS MYSTERY- Cameron's Cock and Ball Story

Brighton Police Commander Graham Bartlett by public acclaim "you're nicked".
The public do not want a corrupt police force led by a Commander who does not recognise the truth.
No one in authority supports you or your officers in trying to convict an innocent man in order to gain an award.
Disgraced, ridiculed and with your reputation in ruins you should resign and consider yourself lucky you and your officers are not behind bars. Burchell Williams the duty defence solicitors should keep you company.
No one is safe while you are in charge.

Thanks to Des Turner MP we have some reaction from Brighton Police. According to a letter to the MP the Divisional Commander, when referring to PC Cameron, Graham Bartlett states, 'the award was given not for any evidential crime investigation but for the fact that he had put himself on the frontline and had a life threatening situation'. Now no one witnessed Alex with a knife and I would ask the reader to accept only what was witnessed. You are judge and jury, e-mail me. According to Cameron and Dr. Read Alex held a small mobile phone in the right hand that Cameron states held a large kitchen knife. I would question whether it is possible to hold both and carry out a knife attack. If Cameron was confused and meant the left hand then what does he say about that hand. Now promise not to laugh. ' I could see his left hand come up between my legs, I believe he was trying to grab my testicles'. He does not state whether Alex, who was being pepper sprayed in the eyes by a second officer who did not see Alex with a knife, found anything worth grabbing. The Argus headline might have read:- DANGER PATIENT GRABBED POLICE OFFICERS TESTICLES. So why were four court hearings, at huge expense, related to a charge of stabbing? Was it because the actual headline 'STAB OFFICER SAVED BY VEST-ARMOUR DEFLECTS KNIFE LUNGE BY DANGER PATIENT' sounds much more impressive and Brighton police wanted to present him as a hero? They certainly made every effort to set Alex up and even had the support of the defence solicitors Burchell Williams the CPS and Drs Read and Sparkes who would not accept Alex was unwell and required urgent medication. The crime reporter for the Argus, Ben Parsons, accepted the word of the police and pages of untrue statements followed over the following year which misled the public and even had the family worried as the defence solicitors believed the reports.

'The Brighton Argus' admit police story was a lie, no evidence knifing ever happened.
CPS admit they never examined vest.
Brighton Police admit they knew vest was unmarked (Freedom of Information reply).
CPS admit Brighton Police responsible for denying defence access to stab vest (Freedom of Information reply).
Dinah Longden, ex Sussex Police, admits blocking correspondence to Sussex Police Authority members (Freedom of Information reply).
Burchell Williams duty defence solicitors, whose offices are attached to Brighton police station, supported police. Sacked after one week it took 8 months to remove them.



Brighton Police Commander Graham Bartlett is unable to prove one of his officers was stabbed, can you help?
He believes
PC Stewart Cameron was nearly killed after being stabbed with an 8 inch blade and the CPS tried to convict my brother on his evidence.
After 15 months on remand they failed to prove he even held a knife and the case was dropped.
Are you clever enough to prove the Commander is correct or is he just protecting a police officer who gave false evidence?
Early results show a unanimous 'THUMBS DOWN' for Commander Graham Bartlett
Save Commander Graham Bartlett from being named 'Public Enemy Number One'.
Brighton Scandal need to publish any e-mail proving that he is correct to state my brother stabbed PC Cameron.
Will anyone help the Commander? (03-02-2010)
No help so far! - February 2012

The following information should help you solve this mystery which has taken up hours of police and court time and cost thousands of pounds.
Sussex top detectives have tried in vain to nail their man on the evidence listed below and even prevented the defence access to the officers stab vest.
Now is your big chance to make your name as a superior detective.
Good luck!
How was it possible for a police officers stab vest to remain unmarked after it was attacked by an 8inch kitchen knife as the following statements show??

  • PC Cameron, (witness statement) 28/02/07
    The impact hit my upper chest on the left hand side.
    Although I did not see the knife contact me, the only thing that could have hit me like that was a blow from the knife.
    Because I was wearing my personal protective vest, this took most of the blow, however the blow was such that I could feel it through the material. I used both my hands to palm the knife away. I believe I did this approximately 6 times,although I can't be sure.
  • Letter to Desmond Turner MP
    PC Cameron was presented with an award for bravery on the basis that my brother attempted to stab him with a knife.
    Commander Bartlett April 2009

  • (Brighton Argus)
    PC Cameron was stabbed in the chest on a call-out to a flat in Brighton. His protective body wear may have saved his life when his stab vest deflected an 8 inch kitchen knife from his heart before it could pierce his chest.

  • Extracts
    The man picked up the knife and plunged it into PC Cameron.
    He said "The man came towards me and I felt an impact just above my heart"
    (The Argus Achievement Awards)

  • Commendation for bravery. Argus 14/01/08
    When he and a colleague broke through the front door, he was knifed in the chest. Only his stab vest stopped him from being more seriously injured. PC Cameron told the Argus of his narrow escape from serious injury or death.
    (He was given a certificate of merit for bravery by Assistant Chief Constable Robin Merrett).

  • Extracts. Argus 02/03/07
    "Clearly the stab vest saved him from some potentially quite serious injury as the knife went into his chest area. Had he not been wearing it the consequences could have been very serious as it was a large knife."
    (Chief Inspector David Miller)

  • Extract 07/03/07
    "Two police officers, PC Cameron and PC Hollingdale both state you had a knife and stabbed PC Cameron's protective vest."
    Defence solicitors Burchell's (This was untrue as PC Hollingdale did not state this.)

  • Crown Prosecution Service according to Burchell's. 18/05/07
    They regard the incident as very serious and have taken the view that it is only luck, by virtue of the fact that the police officer was wearing a protective vest, that the officer was not killed or seriously injured.

  • Police entries
    'Supervision Review' - extract
    "lunged towards the police officer, sticking the tip of the blade into the officer's stab vest with some force"
    D/SGT Taylor 28/02/07
    'Crime Reporting System'
    "suspect approached victim with kitchen knife and stabbed victim to chest area, several attempts failed due to vest being worn"
    'Initial Investigation Report'
    "It was at this stage that he (Cameron) felt the heavy impact of the knife against his upper chest on the left hand side"
    D/SGT Wright 01/03/07
    'Police Interview'
    "Yesterday afternoon, Alex, PC Cameron was stabbed in the chest with a large kitchen knife. The only thing preventing serious injury or death was the fact that he was wearing a protective vest. Now you were responsible for that attack. Tell me about it."
    D/C Mick Richards 01/03/07
    (this was one of 250 questions to a man who was supposed to be in hospital)
    'Criminal Justice Dept., Sussex Police'
    "It was while trying to gain access that an officer was stabbed."
    Chief Inspector Dommett 02/08/07

Helpful clues to solving mystery
Forensic expert Mr. Croft confirmed there was not the slightest sign of any impact upon the vest.
PC Cameron observed a small blue Nokia phone in suspects hand.
The case was dropped when lawyers failed to find evidence that a knifing ever happened.


Michael Coughtrey