BRIGHTON SCANDAL!! - Personal Statement



First let me make it absolutely clear that I have every respect for the many honest police officers who have to contend with difficult and often dangerous work. They carry this out in a cheerful and helpful manner in the knowledge that their aim is to serve the public. This requires a special kind of person without whom no one would be safe or be brought to justice. They do not seek publicity but are held in high regard by the community. It is vital that the public have confidence in their officers and co-operation with them is to everyones advantage. That confidence is not possible unless safeguards are in place that can be trusted by the public and the police. I am aware of several officers that have left the force because of the behaviour of their fellow officers. I can assure everyone who seeks the help of a Commission or Complaints service they will receive expensive booklets full of promises that will lead in the vast number of cases to a cover-up. It is unlikely that anyone in authority will take action regarding Alex's case and other innocent victims will be trapped. My aim is to make everyone aware so that they may protect others. In the meantime my advice is do not trust duty solicitors or duty doctors and, I regret, Brighton police.
The use of computers and the internet give the public a fighting chance to expose much of what was previously hidden from them. At 72 I required a crash course on computers and the internet from my chess club friends and out went the old typewriter. A big thank you to all those supporting us, please keep in touch. Finally a special thank you to Melvin Steele for his brilliant work in producing this website.

Michael Coughtrey.