*** Club Stars for 2022/23 ***


Trophies won by Clacton Chess Club players


Kyriakos Chovardas (left) receiving the Peter Keffler Shield from John Lambert
The Championship Shield is awarded to the player(s)with the highest point score in the club Swiss tournament.
Kyriakos scored 6½ game points out of 8 with a performance of 1771, followed by Marek Ciorga on 5½.
Andrew Salmon, Martin Alvin and Andrew Todd all scored 5 points

(pairings and results table here)


Alan Methven with the Club Grading Award
The Grading Award goes to the best personal performance relative to grade in the club Swiss tournament.
Alan scored 3½ game points out of 8 with a performance of 994.
That was 44 points higher than his previous estimated rapidplay grade of 950.
(pairings and results table here)




Melvin Steele with the Bullwinkle Trophy Board
The Bullwinkle board is awarded to the player acheiving the most points in the club ladder competition play off.
After the final day playoff Melvin ended top on 102 points after 37 games.
John Lambert had 77 points to qualify but not present and Warwick Estlea had 63 points over 41 games.
Also in the final day playoff was Michael Coughtrey who scored 52 points over 19 games

(see ladder table)



Clacton 1 win the new Restricted Team event
(total team grades to be under 6750)
(see division R results table and team matches)