*** Club Stars for 2016/17 ***


Clacton Chess Club Individual Winners

                                Left to Right:-

Mike Coughtrey with the Grading Award Shield
The Grading Award goes to the best personal performance relative to grade in the club Swiss tournament.
Mike scored 5 game points out of 8 with a performance of 129. That is 36 points higher than his rapidplay grade of 93.
Mike was followed by Denis McCarthy with an out-performance of 24 and Marek Ciorga with 19.
(pairings and results table here)

Andrew Salmon with the Peter Keffler Shield
This Championship Shield is awarded to the player(s)with the highest point score in the club Swiss tournament.
Andrew scored 6 game points out of 8, followed by Melvin Steele on 5½, then Kyriakos Chovardas and Mike Coughtrey on 5.
(pairings and results table here)

John Lambert with the Bullwinkle Trophy Board
The Bullwinkle board is awarded to the player acheiving the highest number of points in the club ladder competition.
After final day playoffs between the top three players - John won with 91 points over 27 games
Marek Ciorga came 2nd on 63 points over 28 games. Warwick Estlea was 3rd on 51 points over 46 games
See Result Table


Clacton Chess Club Team Winners

Clacton C come top of NECL division 3 , beating Clacton B into second place

C Team Captain Warwick Estlea (left) being
presented with the Division 3 trophy by Match Captain John Lambert


Clacton A are runners up in the NECL Plate competition